Corporate Gift Solutions specialises in the supply of unique, high quality promotional items and gifts. With a large selection of products our aim has always been to provide companies with multiple branding options to promote their business while meeting budgetary constraints.


Corporate Gift Solutions is commitment and enthusiastic when it comes to offering our clients personalised service.

Corporate Gift Solutions has been operating for the past 10 years, forging relationships with manufacturers, expanding our product range to include only the highest quality items from suppliers who share our values and commitment.


We offer years of knowledge and experience to assist our agencies in establishing themselves in a competitive but highly lucrative niche market. Allowing them to focus on their primary business objectives.


What do you get from us?


We are offering you the opportunity to own your own viable business benefit from our vast experience to build above average income through. The agency fee, paid upfront, is used to provide the marketing start-up kit required for a fully operational turn-key business.


The start-up kit includes the following:

  • CGS X-Banner x2
  • CGS POP Up Banner x1
  • Magnetic Vehicle Boards x2
  • Business Cards x200
  • Order Book x1
  • Branded Tablecloth x1
  • Branded Pens x100
  • Business card discs loaded with Catalogues x50
  • Printed Catalogues x1
  • Branded Shirts x2
  • Caps x2
  • A4 Folder x1
  • Leaflets x500
  • Name Tags x1


We will also provide :

  • Training
  • Monthly / Seasonal Specials
  • Web Site and Social Media marketing
  • Telephonic and E-Mail support


We will handle all quotations, invoices and orders on the agent’s behalf, as well as package and arrange shipment of the order, allowing agency staff to focus on personalised client service.

Interested in becoming a Corporate Gift Solutions area agent? Use the form below to contact us and we will get back to you to discuss the details.